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                  Liv Creative Cuisine brings locally sourced farm-to-table drinks and dishes from our kitchen straight to the plate. Chef Tom and his wife Maureen have created Liv as your gathering place on the South Shore to warm your heart and feed your soul. Our New American cuisine is created through relationships with respectful purveyors who focus on sustainability to bring you the best and freshest dishes straight to your table.

                  Let our Family Host Yours!

                  Take Out Full Menu and Specials









                  TAKE OUT AT NOON - 8PM



                  LISTED BELOW:

                  heat at home soup / $6 pint

                  Shrimp & Sausage Gumbo

                  Lobster Bisque

                  Arugula Salad / $10

                  Carrot, Onion, Tomato, Bacon, Pistachio, Blue Cheese Crumble, Sherry Vinaigrette

                  Burrata / $10

                  Tomato, pesto, balsamic glaze, Duxbury Saltworks finishing salt

                  Guacamole & Tortilla chips / $12

                  Hoisin Pork eggrolls / $10

                  3 per order

                  Buffalo Chicken Nacho / $13

                  Corn, Scallion, Blue Cheese Crumble, Cheddar, Buffalo Sauce

                  the American dream / $12

                  Beef burrito house made refried beans, onion, tomatoes, cheddar, rice and a Budweiser

                  Blackened Salmon / $20

                  Cajun spice, cranberry mango chutney, garlic mashed, asparagus

                  Grilled Steak Tips / $20

                  Asparagus, Kimchi Rice, hoisin sauce

                  Bolognese / $16

                  ?Beef, Sausage, Corn, caramelized, onions, Carrot, Red Sauce, linguine ?

                  Gumbo / $16

                  Chicken, shrimp, sausage, peppers, onions, tomato, okra, over rice

                  Seasonal Risotto / $17

                  Shrimp, spinach, Tomato, Lobster Cream Sauce

                  FAMILY STYLE PLATTERS TO GO!

                  Available Daily Noon - 8 PM

                  LISTED BELOW:

                  Platters Serves 6-8 People 

                  • Sprouts -$20

                    goat cheese, bacon, sherry vinaigrette

                  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes -$18

                  • Panzanella Salad - $20

                  • Caesar Salad - $20

                  • ?Arugula Salad - $20

                  • Wedge - $22

                  • ?Salad with Chicken - $28

                  • Mac & Cheese - $22

                  • Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese - $32

                  • Blackened Chicken Pasta - $32

                  • Pasta with Red -Sauce - $18

                  • ?Chicken Parm - No Pasta - $30

                  • Veggie “Bolognese”- $22?

                  • Steak Tips choice of  Rice or fries - $40

                  • Family Fish Fry / $40

                    2# Cod

                    2# Fries

                    1quart Cole Slaw

                    1pint tarter sauce



                  LISTED BELOW:

                  WINES BY THE BOTTLE $15

                  Sauvignon Blanc:

                  Nautilus, Marlborough, NZ


                  Novellum, France 

                  La Crema, Monterey CA  

                  Pinot Noir

                  Rickshaw, Sonoma, CA     

                  Torres, “Ibericos,” Rioja, Spain 


                  Capestrano, Abruzzi, Italy   

                  Cabernet Sauvignon   

                  Matchbook, Dunnigan Hills, CA   
                  Banshee, Paso Robles


                  Finca la Linda, Mendoza, Argentina

                  C?RAFT CANS TO GO $16 MIX & MATCH 4 PACKS

                  Untold Brewing, Scituate MA

                  Mr. Breeze, Coffee Pale Ale 5.3%

                  Allagash Brewing Company, Portland ME

                  White, Witbier, Belgian Wheat 5.2%

                  Downeast Cider House, East Boston MA

                  Grapefruit, Fruited 5.3%

                  Lone Pine Brewing Company, Portland ME?

                  Dream Team, DIPA 8%

                  Chaos Emeralds, DIPA 8%

                  Burlington Beer Company, Williston VT

                  Uncanny Valley, New England IPA 7%

                  Peak Organic Brewing Company, Portland ME

                  Fresh Cut, Pilsner 4.6%

                  Foundation Brewing Company, Portland ME

                  Afterglow, West Coast IPA 7%

                  Stellwagen Beer Company, Marshfield MA

                  Paddy Wagen, Irish Red Ale 5.9%

                  Brian Gose Dancing- Cherry, Fruited Sour 5.3%

                  Southern Tier Brewing Company, Lakewood NY

                  Nitro Hot Cocoa, Imperial Stout 10%

                  Second Wind Brewing Company, Plymouth MA

                  Correlation, New England IPA 6.5%

                  Abomination Brewing Company, North Haven CT

                  Bro Beer, Session IPA 4.7%

                  Radiant Pig Craft Beers, New York NY

                  TV Party, New England Pale Ale 5.5%

                  Cisco Brewers, Nantucket MA

                  Pint Break, West Coast DIPA 8.7%

                  Bottled Domestic To GO $8 Mix & Match 6 packs

                  Stella Artois

                  Guinness Extra Stout



                  Bud Light

                  Mich Ultra

                  Black Allagash

                  TAKEOUT JUST GOT A LOT MORE FUN!

                  At its core Liv invites the South Shore to experience local sustainable food through creative cuisine while gathering around its tables in heartwarming conversation.

                  We are excited to showcase our passion for local, sustainable food and the South Shore through our dishes at Liv.
                  — Chef Tom, GM Maureen

                  Owner / Executive Chef

                  Tom Coleman, With over 25 years in the food service industry, Chef Tom focuses on local ingredients as the center stage for his cooking. He trained at Johnson & Wales University before embarking on various successful restaurant endeavors in the South Shore. His passion for quality ingredients and creative cuisine is best seen in any meal he prepares for his wife and daughter Olivia.

                  Favorite Liv Dish to create / Lamb Tartare / sunflower seed, EVOO, garlic, parsley, chive flower

                  Favorite Liv Dish to devour / Farm Burger / aged cheddar, sunny egg, uncured bacon, brioche, frites

                  Owner / GM

                  Maureen Coleman, After realizing the corporate world left little time for delicious dishes, Maureen took a leap of faith behind the bar. She is a successful mixologist and events manager while her greatest joy and passion is raising their daughter Olivia.

                  Favorite LIV drink to create / Mid Summer Night’s Dream / Vodka, wild blueberries, lemon juice, simple syrup, hard cider

                  Favorite LIV drink to enjoy / Tempest / coconut rum, Coconut water, lime, soda


                  Olivia “Liv.” Coleman, Jumping into 1st grade! Her best days include muddy puddles, shamrocks, unicorns and a little song on her ukulele.

                  Liv’s Story

                  Liv was born through nightly meetings after a long shifts at work - Chef Tom as a cook and a Maureen as a bartender. Each night reinventing the way restaurants invite and inspire customers through creative cuisine. Over glasses of wine and a shared plate the couple held onto this dream of bringing people together with delicious organic food.

                  Years later the couple married, had their beautiful daughter Olivia, and the dream was reignited. Chef Tom and Maureen taught Olivia to cook and realized family and friends were gathering around their table. So they turned Liv into a reality and are ready for their family to host yours.



                  1849 Ocean Street
                  Marshfield, MA 02050


                  TAKE OUT

                  Monday-Saturday Noon-8:00PM

                  Sunday 4:00PM-8:00PM



                  VIA EMAIL

                  Reservations recommended for parties of 6 or more — please phone for availability. 

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